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Amber Ray’s scandalous relationships of the past

She was born Faith Makau, but probably for the sake of fame, she now answers to the name Amber Ray. In recent years, her name has been synonymous with relationships with men who already have partners. She is known for dating (or is it hanging out?) with men who end up pulling skeletons out of her closet.

So gather round brethren, as we remember the life and times of her most scandalous relationships that divided the nation.

1. Zaheer Jhanda

This one is the relationship that put Amber’s name on the map as an alleged husband snatcher. She got together with Zaheer in 2016 as a second wife after eloping. This was done to the grief of his first wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, who exposed the relationship on social media.

It was also during this period that Aaliyah claimed that Amber Ray went to a witch doctor to obtain charms that would keep Zaheer at her side, hence the infamous photo Amber Ray on her knees, holding up a black and white chicken in what looked like a witch doctor’s den. She denied consulting a witch doctor at first but it was her own friend who finally unleashed a photo of the incident to confirm Aaliya’s claims.

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Zaheer eventually left Amber in 2018 after their relationship caused storms on social media and was fodder for hundreds of gossip sites. He went back to his wife and today, he is the Member of Parliament elect of Nyaribari Chache Constituency.

2. Brown Mauzo

Have you ever wondered why Amber Ray hates socialite Vera Sidika? You guessed it right. Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray got together for some time in 2019 and broke up in 2020. Months later in the same year, Brown was dating Vera Sidika, went Instagram official and the couple have never stopped posting photos and videos of either of them being in each other business.

Amber Ray with her former boyfriend Brown Mauzo. PHOTO | COURTESY

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The couple conceived six months into their relationship and are parents to baby girl Asia. They also recently celebrated the second anniversary of their marriage in 2022. At some point, Amber Ray went on record branding Sidika a fake person, adding, “I don’t like her. I find Vera dake and one without a clean heart.”

3. Jimal Roho Safi

Having probably had enough of monogamous relationships, Amber went after another married man and this relationship broke the camel’s back. This relationship was so toxic that Kenyans couldn’t help but commiserate with Jimal’s wife, Amira.

See, Amber and Jimal got together in December 2020- months after Brown left her, and they rubbed it in everyone’s faces that they were a couple. So much so that Amber began calling herself Jimal’s second wife and began competing with, insulting and dissing Amira.

All this time, Jimal couldn’t control Amber of protect his wife from her, leading many to wonder how two women were too difficult for him to handle if he was a real Muslim man allowed to marry up to four wives.

Amber Ray with ex-boyfriend Jimal Roho Safi. PHOTO | COURTESY

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At one point, it was alleged Amber went back to a witch doctor after a dead bird was found next to Amira’s house just as she was hanging around the house Jimal shared with Amira. She denied it but Kenyans wouldn’t believe her because of the Zaheer drama.

Amira told the couple to leave her alone and she went about raising her two pre-teen sons, traveling the world and securing her bag. At this time, trouble began brewing in paradise between Jimal and Amber and they broke up in July 2021. Later, Jimal took to social media to post a long thesis, begging Amira to forgive him and come back to him. She is yet to give him an answer he’s still hoping to hear.

4. Ibb Kabba

Mere weeks after the end of her drama with Jimal, she was with Sierra Leonean basketballer Kabba in mid-2022. For three weeks they pulled out all the stops for her to show she’d moved on from Jimal. By the end of those three weeks, it was over between her and Kabba.

He took to social media to reveal Amber Ray rarely bathed and had intense sexual urges that would sometimes land them in bushes or wherever the itch became too much.

Amber Ray with ex-boyfriend Sierra Leonean basket baller Kabba. PHOTO | COURTESY

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“I feel sorry for anyone getting my ex. I hope you can clean her up, tell her to take shower all the time and stop living fake life on social media and stop having sex in the bushes. She really needs to grow up good luck to you.” wrote Kabba in regard to Amber.

5. Kennedy Rapudo

Moving on swiftly, Amber was in a relationship with the flamboyant relationship. This one lasted a few weeks. Just as soon as she was making them Instagram official, already there were cracks in their union. All this happened as they continuously shared photos of each other to their followers and it was Amber who came out to reveal on 24 August 2022 that she and Kennedy were no longer together.

According to a previous Nairobi News report, Amber went on Instagram and revealed that the relationship wasn’t working and she was tired of faking things, pretending that everything was ok.

Amber Ray with her ex-boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo. PHOTO | COURTESY

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“Please don’t judge me but appreciate me for who I am. Yes, we broke up with Kennedy because things were not working out between us. Some may view me as a joker but if the relationship is not working, there is no need to force things but let it go,” Amber said.