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American dad desperate to get back his two-year-old son from Kenya

An American father is fighting to get back his two-year-old son from his estranged Kenyan girlfriend who, he claims, relocated from Manhattan to Nairobi with the child last year without his knowledge.

Claude Dary and his ex-girlfriend split in 2018 and from that point he has been battling to get back his son.

He says that when they broke up, his ex-girlfriend suddenly stopped answering his calls and within a week mother and child had relocated to Kenya.

Claude says he last held his son Rowan in his arms in February 2018.

According to nbcnewyork, Dary filed papers requesting custody.

Family court documents show that in May, a Manhattan Family Court judge ruled that the mother should return the child to Manhattan but the decision was stayed after her attorney appealed.

The attorney did not respond to repeated inquiries from the reporters and the child’s mother hung up the phone.

“Without my knowledge or consent, she just upped and left and won’t bring him back. I thought laws would prevent something like that from happening,” Dary said.

On November 6th, Dary and his family celebrated Rowan’s second birthday in the child’s absence.

But when he attempted to video chat with his son, he says, the mother did not pick up the phone.

“I just want to see my son and be a part of his life,” the distraught father told local media.

A hearing is now scheduled for late January.