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American granny charged with murder in the shooting of two Kenyan sisters

An 85-year-old granny in the US has been charged with premeditated murder and first degree assault in the shooting of two Kenyan sisters which led to the death of one.

Police say they responded to a 911 call from the house at around 12:30am on December 19, 2019.


According to Q13 Fox TV, the woman, identified as Beverly Jenne, was found on her bed with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck and a gun next to her which puzzled the police who said they initially did not know who the suspect was and who the victims were.

They also found Janet Oyuga’s body in the home with multiple gunshot wounds.

Janet’s sister, Angela Oyuga, was also found in the house having also been shot.

The two sisters were hosting the granny after they had bought the house at an auction.

Police believe Beverly killed Janet then lay in wait for her sister Angela to get home from work.

As soon as Angela got home, Beverly shot her in the back. Beverly then tried to commit suicide, according to police, who say they found a suicide note inside her car.

In the note, Beverly said Janet was not a very nice person and that she was getting ready to evict her.


“I think she was getting ready to evict me, and I’m 85 and have no place to go,” read Beverly’s note.

Investigators say Beverly had lived in the house since 1979, but the house was foreclosed and sold in November, 2019.

The new owner allowed Beverly to continue living in the house while it was being renovated.

Janet and Angela Oyuga then entered into a rent-to-own agreement with the new owner and allowed Beverly to continue living in the house until she found another place to live so that she would not end up homeless, according to Q13 Fox TV.

“The African culture teaches you to extend grace to those who need it support the needy, more so the elderly, the children and the sick,” Pastor Festus Gumbo, who knew the sisters, told Q13 Fox TV.

“And they thought it wasn’t going to take a long time before the previous owner of the house to move out, little did they know that the previous owner had plans of not wanting to move, going by what happened.”

The family is raising funds and plans to send Janet’s body back to Kenya for burial.