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Ameshiba? Singer Wahu responds to fresh pregnancy rumours

Renowned singer Wahu Kagwi has ignited a lively online debate following a recent photo she shared with her husband, Nameless.

The photo, posted by singer King Kaka, features Wahu donning a black trouser suit that subtly reveals her bulging tummy, while she affectionately holds her husband, who is clad in a similar outfit.

The image, which not only highlighted the couple’s striking style but also Wahu’s midsection, prompted a flurry of responses from fans.

Alongside praise for Nameless’s youthful appearance, admirers began sending congratulatory messages to Wahu.

Among the comments:

paskagiyo: “Hii ndio comment you all mnatafuta wahu ni kushiba ameshiba alo stress-free na food.”

chalisterjudy: “Sasa hapo kwa baby gal kukula inategemea ninianyways inakaa anakula vifitiiiperiod sindio.”

zablonvincent: “Wahu ako viti Sana, tukutane hapa after 7months niwape majibu.”

In response, Wahu playfully addressed the reactions, urging her friends to halt the congratulatory messages.

She humorously wrote, “Guys guys guys… can a girl enjoy her food in peace without being congratulated, yawa.”

Nameless and Wahu had attended King Kaka’s event over the weekend.

“Wueh! Peleka bibi Rhumba Trust me, the knees in your forties are not the same!.. still recovering from an amazing experience at the Coliseum by @thekingkaka and the @kakaempire._ . Congrats bro on a highly fulfilling night of conversations and entertainment!” Nameless captioned the video.

This isn’t the first time Wahu has addressed such issues.

Back in February, she responded to body-shaming comments under a different photo on her social media.

The mother of three expressed her dismay, particularly towards her female fans who seemed preoccupied with her weight.

In an extended post, Wahu candidly shared her perspective on weight gain during pregnancy, stating, “Sure, I have added a lot of weight. 22.5 kgs to be exact actually. When [I was] pregnant with Tumiso, I added 27kgs.”

She acknowledged her changing physique and took issue with the initial negative comments, notably highlighting that many of these comments were made by women.

“In the first couple of minutes of the post, there were quite a number of distasteful comments. Unfortunately, many of these were by women,” she said.