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Amina Abdi stands firm in defense of DJ Joe Mfalme

Media personality Amina Abdi says she will not be intimidated for publicly defending DJ Joe Mfalme who is currently implicated in the murder of a senior police officer.

Amina who hosts NTV’s weekly show, The Trend, says she isn’t really bothered by those who are attacking her on social media for openly supporting DJ Joe Mfalme.

“What hatred? I really don’t care about the hate online. I have been hated (online) all my life, they should bring something new,” she said.

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Amina, who has worked alongside DJ Joe Mfalme for many years, says the public should not be too quick in condemning the DJ as guilty in the murder of detective Felix Kitosi who died in a Nairobi hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by DJ Mfalme and his crew.

“You know the character of people in your life, you know what they’re capable of and what they’re not. I know the question will be ‘do you spend 24 hours with him?’. But I know (DJ Joe Mfalme) is so non-violent. He is such a nice guy, so humble,” Amina said.

“All he does is focus on his work, he’s religious by the way, he doesn’t take any kind of drug, he doesn’t drink, so it doesn’t mean he was in a different state of mind (when the attack happened),” she said.

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“And I’m very specific, of those he’s been accused with, I insist that Joe was not part of that assault. It’s a complex and complicated case, someone has lost their life, but Joe, he is what you see, he’s cool and very humble, if you’ve ever interacted with him you know that. That’s why I’m supporting him and I hope justice will prevail,” Amina explained.

The bubbly presenter says she understands why other celebrities close to DJ Joe Mfalme aren’t publicly voicing their support. She says it’s because they know his character.

“I get it. I understand why people can’t come (to court to support him). I understand why they don’t want to talk about it online. I understand all that, they know he’s a great guy. But again, when your friend is in trouble, you don’t run away, you’re still friends. You help where you can, you stand by them,” Amina said.

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With the case already in court, DJ Joe Mfalme will spend atleast 14 days in custody, missing out on some of his Easter entertainment gigs he had lined up as investigations into the incident continue.

“We didn’t expect him to get bail because it’s a murder case. They said he’s a flight risk and that he’s influential. They said all these things, which is understandable, but he’s such a law-abiding citizen. Joe is a guy who always walks in a straight line,” Amina said.

DJ Joe Mfalme is being held in custody alongside three police officers who are also alleged to have assaulted the deceased at Kikuyu Police Station.

Prosecutors had requested that all the accused be remanded in custody for 21 days to complete their investigations, but Magistrate Margaret Murage ruled that 14 days was sufficient.