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Amina Mude showers hubby Ben Kitili with praise after getting him trolled

KTN news anchor Ben Kitili’s wife shared a snippet of her relationship with the journalist as she categorically retaliated that they have never separated.

Last month Amina Mude took the internet by storm when she shared a post on her Instagram stating that she and Kitili had gone their separate ways, only to make a u-turn 10 days later.

She explained that a moment of anger drove her to publish a stupid post.

Amina now says she regrets her actions since it got her husband heavily trolled.

“Life has issues always, the mistake I made, I went out to vent my life in the wrong place and when I realized it was too late, the damage had already been done, you know the bloggers, nilijianika,” the mother of two explained on Chat Spot.

“I later made a post to explain that it was a moment of anger because I realized I put my husband in a weird situation and he was trolled. I learnt my lessons and we are still together,” she said.


The health and wellness enthusiast, who has lost 37kg in the last few weeks, went on to reveal that Kitili is not a jealous husband and knows how well to deal with the attention she receives from other men.

“If you don’t get attention (from other men) it means there is something off with you but hainitetemeshi because I’m settled. When it comes to my husband, I can go somewhere he will never call me, he will never ask nafanya nini because there is trust, he knows me, he knows the kind of person he married even if nimerushwa in a den of men he knows how I will deal with it,” Amina said.

Kitili and Amina have been married close to a year now having walked down the aisle on November 16, 2019, although they have been together now for six years.

Kitili proposed to Amina back in 2015. Amina was pregnant with their first child while she was still in campus pursuing Communication and PR.