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Amira claims she miscarried after ex-hubby Jimal Rohosafi’s ‘assault’

Entreprenuer and social media influencer Amira, the ex-wife of Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi, continued revealing some shocking events following her divorce from Jimal, renown for being an unfaithful man.

On Monday, March 6, 2023, Amira revealed she had been pregnant in 2021 with their third baby but Jimal beat her in front of their children and extended family until she miscarried the baby.

She made this revelation during an Instagram question and answer session when a bewildered follower sought to confirm if truly Jimal physically abused her.

“He did and was actually pregnant at the time (2021) and it was his sister’s wedding being done in my house. That was the latest incident. Let me not talk of how he used to beat me nikiwa hata nine months pregnant with my son Amir… This time, he hit me in front of my kids, his parents and his family; and they stood there actually gassing him up to beat me and that’s when it was done!!! (Had a miscarriage). I know some of y’all here were at my house that day. You can come and confirm if this is true…if only I could write everything (I) went through with this man in the past 2 years. In summary, it was mental, physical and emotional abuse,” revealed Amira.

Nairobi News previously reported that Amira was glad she was finally able to divorce Jimal whom she branded as toxic and abusive, regretting that she chose to remain married to him longer for the sake of their children.

“He was the worst person I have ever met and I loathe him with passion, I will never forgive him and even if I die today, I wouldn’t want him to bury me or even mourn me,” said Amira in one of her answers to her followers.

During this turmoil period in their marriage, Jimal had been openly cheating on Amira with Instagram influencer Amber Ray who also got pregnant for Jimal. The duo subjected Amira to public humiliation and drama when they would often attack, mock and insult her. Amira gave them their space, saying karma would deal with them.

Later, Amber Ray unfortunately also miscarried his baby when he abandoned her and tried to get his wife to take him back. She refused and Jimal began dating his employee, Michelle Wangari Thiongo, who recently gave birth to his baby.

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