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Amira responds to Jimal Rohosafi claims she is in Tanzania to consult a witchdoctor

By Winnie Mabel February 7th, 2023 2 min read

Controversial social media personality and Chairman of the Association of Matatu operators, Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi, claimed that a woman was currently in Tanzania to seek out a witch doctor to give her charms to deal with him.

He never mentioned any name, but his mentioning of the country Tanzania pointed followers to his ex-wife, Amira.

This is because Amira is currently in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania- the same time Jimal posted his witchcraft claims.

In his sensational Instagram story post, Jimal said the woman’s mind never relaxed and she should return to God.

“Someone’s mind never relaxes. Hata uende wapi kuongeza dawa nguvu hiyo tushajua. My adivice ‘come back to God, work hard and move on’ #Toxic, #wrongadvicer’s (sp), #Godstime #Quarantine,” said Jimal.

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He went on to call on his followers to pray for him as he shared a song by Ahmed Bukhatir, Ya Adheeman.

Without giving context or evidence, it remains unknown why Jimal posted such claims- a far cry from his penchant for oversharing his life on social media and the beef he had with Amira before she filed for divorce from him.

The two parted ways following Jimal’s sleeping with other women, including influencer Amber Ray and one of his employees while still married to her (Amira). Jimal sat by and watched as Amber Ray insulted, shaded and provoked Amira while he was busy flaunting the Instagram influencer and the luxurious lifestyle he was providing her with.

As soon as Amber Ray told him she was pregnant with their first child, Jimal ditched her and ran back crying to Amira, asking her to forgive him and take him back via a long social media post on Instagram. Amira refused to take him back and he became a ‘motivational speaker’ on how men should focus on making money instead of chasing after women; and how women always chased after men with money.

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At this time, he was also spotted with another woman, Wangari Thiongo, whom he claimed was just a friend and an employee, but it turned out they had been in a relationship for a while too.

As Amira divorced him and moved on, it remains to be known what new beef is brewing in the kitchen that would lead him to make such sensational claims. The former couple shares two sons, and Amira appears to be the primary parent.

Amira, currently in Tanzania, treated her fans to a detailed account of her trip through her Instagram stories. One of the posts read, “On a very serious note, her manz really passed on in January. But look at her soo full of life.”

Amira then talked about her companion for the day and posted videos of their itinerary where they went and had a meal and later the two went out to Coco beach in Masaki, Dar es Salaam for the evening.

Her followers reacted to her latest post by criticizing her ex-husband’s recent false accusations and urged him to take time to heal his wounds.

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