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Amira shades ex-hubby Jimal Rohosafi who is expecting a baby with ‘bestie’

By Winnie Mabel February 25th, 2023 3 min read

Businesswoman and influencer Amira has thrown shade at her ex-husband, Jimal Marlow better known as Rohosafi, who actively and publicly participated in the destruction of their marriage and their family by being unfaithful.

In a video on her Instagram stories and captioned “facts, facts, straight facts” the male speaker talked about the importance of family and how having a lot of money will not make anyone thrive.

Following their messy breakup, for a period of time, Jimal kept sharing motivational thoughts  and quotes on how it was important to make money and amass wealth more than focusing on love until it later emerged he was expecting a child with his “bestie”, Michelle Wangari Thiongo – one of his employees.

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“Sometimes you walk into a small house, you know, with a few bedrooms but there is a good marriage. And the father and the mother are connected with the children. They all know how to sit on the floor and play monopoly together or schmooze. They sit around the table and they know how to sing without self-consciousness, without fear. People respect each other; they’re here for each other. They can be open with each other.

“These are the priceless gifts of life and I have to know that if I have a room with 17 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms and my own tennis court, baseball field, basketball field, an indoor and outdoor pool and a solar jacuzzi on the roof, amazing! Wonderful, enjoy. But this will not make your marriage thrive. This will not make you have an amazing relationship with your children. They will not help you confront your skeletons and traumas. So these are important things to understand,” the speaker in the video which Amira shared said.

Wangari Thiongo and Jimal Roho Safi. PHOTO | COURTESY

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Amira filed for divorce from Jimal after he publicly humiliated and attacked her when he began a scandalous affair with Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau.

Jimal and Amber Ray spent years bragging on social media about the lavish lifestyle they were enjoying, how they would never breakup just because he was married and how he spent large amounts of money on her. The socialite would also provoke and insult Amira online while Jimal watched from the sidelines. At this time, Amira was the primary parent for the two sons she shares with Jimal.

As his broken family watched his behavior online, eventually, the affair came to an abrupt end when Amber got pregnant for Jimal and he ditched her. Jimal returned online and posted a long post asking Amira to forgive him and take him back despite the public disrespect and humiliation but she refused.

Amber Ray with ex-boyfriend Jimal Roho Safi. PHOTO | COURTESY

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It was at this point that Jimal turned into a bitter, motivational speaker, often throwing shade at women and claiming how men were meant to make a lot of money and not focus so much on love.

Later, he and Wangari, whom he described as his bestie, announced that they were expecting a baby after months of speculation that there was something going on between them. Some people claim while he was begging Amira for forgiveness, he could have been spending time with Wangari already.

Today, from her social media post, it appears Amira has custody of their sons following the divorce. She also moved into a new house away from the previous house where she and Jimal lived – neighboring a house that Amber used to rent.

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