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Amos and Josh take down video over suicidal ex-girlfriend

April 6th, 2017 1 min read

One of Kenya’s best musical duo Amos and Josh have found themselves in a sticky situation after the release of their latest single ‘Heri Tuachane’.

This was after Amos’ ex-girlfriend got offended by the song, feeling that the song was about her, to the point where she threatened to commit suicide.

The video featured a scene where Amos’ girlfriend was cheating on him with an older man after which he decided to end the relationship.

The video has since been pulled down from YouTube.


The couple had gone through a rough break up and Amos wrote a song about it.

Amos, in an interview with Nairobi News, said he got a call from the ex’s mum telling him that his ex-girlfriend was going through serious depression and was suicidal.

“I got a call from her mum. She said she (his ex-girlfriend) was very depressed…I’m an artiste and we write things people can relate to. Somebody’s life is not worth a song,” he told Nairobi News.

Though the duo had released the song to most radio stations, they had to take it down from other channels that they are in control of.

“Though we had sent the track to most DJs and some radio stations, some of who are still playing it, we had to take it down,” he added.