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Kenyans defend ‘rapist’ Mugo Wa Wairimu in numbers

A large number of Kenyans are rallying behind the ‘doctor’ who was caught on tape sedating and raping women under his care at his clinic.

Immediately after the claims emerged on Sunday evening, Mugo Wa Wairimu’s supporters camped on his Facebook timeline where they poured their support.

Virtually 90 per cent of the comments are in support of Mugo, who has now been exposed as a fake gynecologist.

He is wanted by the police to face charges of rape and misusing the title “Dr”.


But in a lengthy post Tuesday, the suspect remained unremorseful as he trashed the rape claims.


“Remorse? For what? You only express remorse for what you’re guilty of. My lawyer advised me to postpone any social media engagements for now, but I’d to respond to this hypocrisy… I’ve posted to inform, not to attract comments,” he said.

A Facebook user James Mwangi said: “Citizen TV is becoming seriously commercially malicious. SK Son of Muranga your channel is trending on dangerous grounds.This is not investigative journalism ..No Ethics No Etiquettes No regard to family viewing and parental guidance. Just character elimination (sic).”

Daktari Henry added: “The footage is so professional to be true adding to my doubt that this is a stage managed clip with reasons best known by the artists and directors of the play .May God’s will prevail (sic).”

King George quipped: “Mugo is innocent.period (sic).”

Mr Mugo has commanded a huge following with his tribal vitriol on Facebook in support of the Jubilee administration and president Uhuru Kenyatta. He usually has unkind words for Cord and its leader Raila Odinga.


Mwalimu William Kimani weighed in: “There is one thing I know…. Mugo is clean let the toothless dogs bark God is in control,” while Eliud Gitauh said, “….following. Never loose hope broda! Truth will be known. I understand the forces behind all this (sic).”

The Nairobi News could not verify whether these posts were from Mr Mugo’s bots or genuine accounts.

Nonetheless, Watu Wangu said: “Mugo use this chance! its ur time to get rich. People should knw what s video editing,” while Rose Chesikari weighed in: “My brother mugo, iam very sorry for what has happened, i enjoyed reading your many postings in social media . I cannot believe that what is in that video is really you. May i just hope it was stage managed and that you are innocent. Hope you sail thro this dark moment. Very sorry indeed (sic).”

Another Facebook user Charles Mage said: “So what are you planing mr.? Will you sue citizen tv? Ill be escorting you to court (sic).”

Muthoni Njakwe said: “Sometimes in 2008, KTN aired some allegations in regard to Uhuru kenyatta (google) Uhuru sued and was paid 7m damages.What am i trying to say… Dont trust everything you hear and read on media..sometimes they are just there to make money..and more money(sic).”