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Anakakitu? Why men face challenges in their pursuit of love

By Winnie Onyando September 10th, 2023 2 min read

In Kenya, it seems having wealth and a willingness to lavish women with financial gifts is considered the essential qualification to win a woman’s heart, or at least the heart of the one you desire.

This societal perception has caused many men to become apprehensive about seeking meaningful relationships, fearing that they could lose everything they have due to the belief that the path to a woman’s affection primarily involves financial contributions.

There is nothing men desire like finding true love—a woman who will appreciate them for who they are and not just for their financial status.

Although it is a man’s responsibility to provide, the quest for money among women is wanting.

“I am working and have a stable job, but as I look around and observe the women in my social circle, it becomes clear that many are not genuine. I’ve encountered numerous women who seem more interested in knowing my income before committing to a relationship,” Vincent Ouma told Nairobi News.

On the other hand, Isaiah Ngesa says that, “Women often express feeling stranded in their quest for love, but men have their share of challenges too. Presently, a man’s worth seems directly linked to his earning capacity. Many women don’t seem to care where the money comes from; what matters most to them is that you have money. I’ve found myself under immense pressure in relationships because of these financial demands.”

Despite the prevailing economic conditions, many women remain focused on money and not true love.

While some believe that love and respect are the cornerstones of a successful relationship, others feel that money plays a significant role. They contend that having money leads to better treatment and respect from women, while financial struggles can lead to a loss of significance.

With rising divorce rates, many individuals are opting for “situation ships,” a less formal type of relationship that places fewer demands and pressures on them. In “situationships”|, individuals feel more comfortable walking away if the demands become overwhelming.

This pervasive emphasis on financial status has left women vulnerable to painful situations, and some have even lost their lives due to unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of their naivety and desire for financial security.

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