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Mudavadi’s ANC will ‘not fold’ to join Ruto’s UDA

The Amani National Congress (ANC) party says it will not fold the party.

There has been a push, particularly by the recently installed United Democratic Alliance (UDA) secretary general Cleophas Malala, to have all parties in Kenya Kwanza dissolved and join UDA, whose party leader is President William Ruto.

Recently, Mr Malala appeared to threaten senior government officials in the Kenya Kwanza administration who are still clinging to their parties to choose between being in government or quitting the positions and holding on to their political outfits.

He said those who fail to relinquish their party positions will have to forget about their positions in government.

Speaking in Lamu on Sunday, however, officials forming the ANC party bureau, which is the top body of Amani National Council Party said their stand is that ANC shall remain as a party of its own and shall not be dissolved.

Led by ANC Party Leader, who is also Lamu Governor, Issa Timamy, Deputy Party Leader, who is also Vihiga Women Representative, Beatrice Adagala, ANC Chairperson Kelvin Lunani, among other officials reiterated that ANC is an independent party.

Mr Timamy stressed that ANC is committed to respecting and working with the Kenya Kwanza government since it is part of the Kenya Kwanza coalition and nothing else.

He said they shall not bow down to any push to have ANC dissolving, adding that Kenya is currently facing pressing matters that need to be urgently addressed and not revolving around party politics and issues.

“We respect the Kenya Kwanza Coalition Agreement that we signed. We’re aware of the fact that we are a party to a coalition agreement and we shall abide by the terms and conditions of that agreement. That particular agreement has not talked or touched anything to do with dissolving parties after winning August 9, 2022, General Election,” said Mr Timamy.

He further stated that Kenya is a democratic country and called on the need for democracy to be respected.

Mr Timamy reassured ANC party members across the country that the ANC will not be folding.

“We are an integral part of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition but we are not ready for party folding. Forming one party only means we are headed back to a one-party rule which Kenyans already opposed,” said Mr Timamy.

On her side, Ms Adagala said party politicking, folding, and dissolving is not the agenda that Kenyans want to hear.

Ms Adagala said Kenya came from the electioneering period just six months ago and that citizens are now expecting the leaders they elected to serve them diligently.

She criticized Mr Malala, calling him an agent of Azimio la Umoja Coalition who is up to cause divisions and confusion in the Kenya Kwanza Coalition to enable the opposition to have its way.

“Kenyans want to hear from the leaders they elected, be it MCAs, MPs, senators, women reps, the governors, and the President that food prices, Kenya Power bills, and fertilizers prices have been reduced. They want to hear that the poor economy and the general cost of living is fully addressed rather than party folding. We have matters of insecurity, ravaging drought among other critical issues that Kenyans expect their leaders to be focusing on,” said Ms Adagala.

She added: “I have the feeling that those moving around, shouting about party folding among other irrelevant issues are nothing party Azimio la Umoja Coalition agents who are up to pushing the Kenya Kwanza Government to lose the focus of serving mwananchi.”

ANC Party chairman Kelvin Lunani warned Mr Malala against disrespecting and attacking Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi who is a public servant.

“ANC won’t dissolve. It shall remain an integral part of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition government. As for Mr Malala, let him know that PM Mudavadi respects the law and that’s why he resigned to serve in his current position. Mr Timamy is our ANC Party leader and we’ve chosen Ms Adagala as the Secretary-General. So, Mr Malala should from today henceforth stop attacking our Prime Cabinet Secretary on matters of political parties,” said Mr Lunani.

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