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Andrew Kibe blasts Bien in feud with Eric Omondi

Radio personality Andrew Kibe has taken a hit at Bien following his latest online feud with comedian Eric Omondi. Known for his controversial views, Kibe did not hold out on giving his point of view on the matter, while daring the singer to take a stand for his talent and dump Sauti Sol altogether. 

In a video on his YouTube channel, Kibe started off by saying that Eric Omondi, in as much as he was attacking the singer, to some degree lauded him for his success.

“If you noticed he was attacking and defending at the same time… like he told him, ‘you have the secret to success’ which means Bien is successful. Which he is,” Kibe said.

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Kibe then went ahead to said, “Bien is the most successful Sauti Sol. Without Bien there is no Sauti Sol, it is no lie when you think Sauti Sol you think Bien first then you start to wonder who else there is. Just as Eric had said, Bien not only knows how to make hits but also how to be/stay relevant.”

Then he twisted the narrative and lambasted Bien for not being smart enough.

“If Bien had any brains he would have been the biggest artiste that we have in Africa, but he doesn’t. Now he needs to do what is best for Sauti Sol… just leave,” said Kibe.

On that note, Kibe’s friend argued that Bien was afraid of exploring his full potential and being blamed for the “death” of Sauti Sol if he left them.

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“It is the hesitation of the potential that he sees in himself and does not want to be blamed for the disintegration of Sauti Sol at this point by out shinning them at this initial stage. He knows in himself that he has it but he is looking for a soft landing,” Kibe’s unidentified friend said.

Kibe then added that he feels that Eric Omondi was not lying about Bien being selfish and having the “secret to success” but refusing to share it with other musicians.

Last week, Eric Omondi and Bien traded barbs on social media after Apple Music announced the most streamed music in Kenya, where it emerged that Kenyan music was performing poorly in the platform, with Bien being the only Kenya artiste in the top 100 list with two songs, Inauma and Dimensions.

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