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Andrew Kibe defended for ‘working’ at Walmart supermarket in America

Controversial American-based Kenyan vlogger Andrew Kibe, a former media personality, was defended earlier this week for allegedly having a job at Walmart, one of America’s largest retailers that operate grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, discount stores and neighbourhood markets.

“Today I showed you where Andrew Kibe works,” a Kenyan TikToker called D Lion Entertainment said in the caption of his video.

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He continued, “Let me show you where he works at Walmart so you can see for yourself. He works here as an associate and he makes $16 an hour. This guy is doing really well here in America. He comes here to work part time and then does his content creation full time. Yes, he is an associate at Walmart, can you see?” said D Lion as he ended the video showing a black vehicle parked in the car park, implying that it was Andrew Kibe’s.

However, he was unable to prove his claim as Kibe was never shown in the video, only the TikToker speaking as he walked from the car park to the Walmart.

The content creator included a laughing emoji in an attempt to mock Kibe’s ‘job’, but was met with resistance in the comments section and called out for job-shaming the outspoken and vulgar influencer.

“Bora (as long as) he’s not begging,” said Javan Okal.

“We don’t job shame,” added Melanie Mrari.

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“We don’t job shame!!! He makes more money on YouTube!!!!!!!!! Wether ako Wallmart, that’s a side gig!!!!,” Judy N O continued.

Others responded by saying it was fine as long as Andrew was not a thief and paid his bills. Others said D Lion was jealous and was advised to take a book from Kibe’s site.

Andrew Kibe moved out of Kenya permanently after his media career in Kenya collapsed. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he always vlogs and attacks Kenyan celebrities for one reason or another, sometimes just to stir them up with controversial sentiments.

It is not known what Andrew does for a living, although he shows off a new luxury vehicle and a narrow corner in the house where he lives where his caps are displayed from floor to ceiling, but some people have claimed – without evidence – that Andrew lives in the house of an elderly woman in America and that she takes care of him financially among other things.

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