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Andrew Kibe to Obinna: Celebrities in strained relationships with parents

Andrew Kibe, the outspoken celebrity and content creator, has expressed his desire to determine if the man he refers to as his father is indeed his biological dad.

Through his YouTube channel and the Andrew Kibe Show, the former radio presenter frequently discusses the topic of DNA testing, particularly addressing his male audience.

Recently, he opened up about his complicated relationship with his father, expressing his intention to convince him to undergo a DNA test together once he returns to Kenya.

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During the live online show, Kibe shared his plans, stating:

“I am thinking very seriously about doing a DNA test on myself and my dad and putting more shock in my mom’s life. If she might have stepped out, she will cry. When I land in Kenya, the first thing I’m going to do is get a DNA test of my dad and me.”

Kibe’s decision to pursue a paternity test stems from his strained relationship with his father, which has persisted for many years.

He expressed his confusion about their inability to get along and their lack of understanding for one another, questioning whether the difficulty lies with himself or his father.

The revelation from Andrew Kibe sheds light on the complex dynamics that exist within parent-child relationships.

In addition to Kibe’s situation, other celebrities have also spoken out about their challenging relationships with their parents.

Oga Obinna, a content creator and comedian, shared his estranged relationship with his father during a radio interview. While he described a close bond with his mother, he revealed that he has not spoken to his father for an extended period.

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Blogger Xtian Dela‘s mother, Reverend Margaret Nyongesa, publicly expressed her longing to see her son, claiming that she has not had contact with him for four years. She pleaded for information about his whereabouts and mentioned that he had blocked her. In response, Dela acknowledged his mother’s allegations but revealed that he had faced personal struggles, including attempted suicide.

Silas Miami, son of renowned journalist Louis Otieno, made headlines when he refused to visit his ailing mother, accusing her of being abusive.

Miami shared his grievances on social media, highlighting their strained relationship and expressing his frustration at her refusal to acknowledge her actions.

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