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Anerlisa, Ben Pol speak on their secret wedding, breakup rumours, ‘gold digger’

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai and her Tanzanian singer husband Ben Pol have for the first time shared details of their secretive wedding and alleged breakup.

Pictures of their secret wedding surfaced online sometime in October last year after they were leaked by an unknown source and spread like bushfire across Tanzania and Kenyan blogs.

However, in an interview with Mwanaspoti, the couple revealed they wedded in May 2020 in the leafy suburbs of Mbezi in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and not in Kenya as many believed.

But why would they keep it a secret only to share more photos of the event months after a few leaked?

“Tulifunga ndoa mwezi wa tano hapa hapa Tanzania, Mbezi, Dar-es-Salaam. Watu wetu wa karibu walikuwa wanafahamu. Sisi tunadhani ndoa ni kitu cha kifamilia zaidi na ndio sababu tulifanya kimya kimya,” Ben Pol revealed.

Anerlisa, who is the Nero Water Company CEO, also took time to clarify on the breakup rumors that emerged after the lovebirds deleted a number of their photos together on their social media platforms.

It was alleged at the time that they had split and later got back together.

According to the Kenya entrepreneur, they have never parted ways, not even for a day, since they started their relationship back in 2018.

“Hatujawahi kuachana wala kupeana likizo hata siku moja tangu tuanze mahusiano. Yale yalikuwa ni maneno ya kutengenezwa na watu wasiotujua vizuri wala mahusiano yetu,” Anerlisa explained.

When the breakup rumours surfaced, the Keroche heiress acted swiftly shutting them down by posting a video of the two enjoying each other’s company while on a vacation in Tanzania.

She went on to defend Pol on claims that he married her for her money, saying he was the ideal man she had always wanted to be with as he is never bothered by her hustles and ventures.

On his part, Pol said no man would resist a woman of Anerlisa’s stature, who is not only beautiful but a go-getter, adding that he had a good life in Tanzania even before meeting her.