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Anerlisa explains why she relocated from Nairobi

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai says she is enjoying her time in Nakuru after relocating from Nairobi.

Anerlisa says that Nakuru is very peaceful and that is what she currently wants in her life.

“Some asked me why I decided to move and live in Nakuru but truth is, Nakuru is peaceful. Peace is the new me,” Anerlisa said.

She has been making headlines after flouting her new bae whom she kept a mystery for some time till recently.

She started sharing pictures of herself with an unidentified man in February during her birthday. One of the photos she shared captured her sitting on a man.

The move comes less than a year after she divorced Tanzanian musician Bernard Paul Mnyag’anga alias Ben Pol in proceedings initiated by the Moyo Machine hitmaker.

Though short-lived, the couple’s marriage was highly eventful, characterised by the two spending time together in exotic destinations around the world.

“I remember the issue of us splitting really went viral, and we were even divided in pictures by a red zigzag line on social media and all. We had actually split for almost a month and a half and it was serious. She went back to Nairobi and she sent me tons of legal papers talking about our separation and I was scared. I was at a shoot at the same time looking at my emails and they are coming in one after the other. Truthfully I was scared. I’m not used to being summoned,” said Ben Pol during an interview last year.

The singer pointed out insecurities on the part of Anerlisa as one of the reasons that led to the collapse of their marriage.