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Anerlisa hints Ben Pol did not get any of her wealth after divorce

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has compared her divorce with Achraf Hakimi.

The divorce case of Africa’s highest-paid footballer Achraf Hakimi trended over the weekend, with netizens giving their two cents.

In a divorce case, Hakimi’s wife, actress Hiba Abouk, reportedly asked for half of his wealth in a divorce settlement but received nothing as he has nothing to his name.

It is claimed that his assets were all in his mother’s name. She filed for divorce in March 2023.

Hakimi has also allegedly made his mother a beneficiary of his salary.

The couple first got together in 2018, when Hakimi was just 19 years old, and his now ex-wife Hiba Abouk was 31.

They wed secretly in 2020.

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Through her Instagram page, Anerlisa shared a collage of herself and Hakimi.

She then captioned the picture, “Ukiona hizi sura jua hakuna mali ya bure. (When you see these faces, know nothing is free).”

Anerlisa and her ex-husband Ben Pol divorced in 2021.

During their dating and short-lived marriage, word on the street was that she was financing Ben Pol’s posh lifestyle.

In an interview, Ben Pol said that he had never been bothered by his ex-wife’s wealth or age and that his attention was on his partner.

As a couple, they lived a super luxurious lifestyle. At one point, they had a holiday at one of the uber posh Beverly Hills Hotels in California, where they took a snap with rapper TI and actor Terrence Jenkins.

The couple also toured the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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After the divorce went through, Anerlisa took to her social media and advised women, “To avoid all this, leave him as you met him, don’t upgrade his life, leave it as it was, if the guy is serious with you, he will upgrade himself for you using his own efforts and resources.”

The heiress noted, “I know most women fail when it comes to this or learn about this too late, but if you really want to find true love and be truly respected, leave your partner as you found him, or, even better, look for a partner your level or an already established partner.”

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni alleged that Ben Pol was the biggest loser with the divorce.

“Every time I saw Ben Pol posting himself in Range Rovers, I knew they were not his,” Maina Kageni said during one of his morning shows.

“And the fact that he did not feel anything posting them is sad. How do you floss with things that are not yours? Mpaka you hashtag #softlife?

Maina added that Ben was left with nothing. He encouraged men to work for their money.

“When you find him in a certain lane, leave him there.”

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