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Anerlisa hints she might be expecting her first baby with Ben Pol

By Chad Kitundu February 26th, 2021 2 min read

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai shared a cryptic message with her fans on social media hinting that she might be expecting her first child with her husband Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

Her latest message which she shared on her Insta Story, came just days after she stepped out on Valentine’s eve with what seemed like a baby bump.

She shared a video while admitted at Nairobi Hospital and captioned, “Not every time you go to the hospital is bad news, God is good is all I can say new hair,”

“Feeling blessed with my mum in NH,” she added.

She went on to share another video clip which highlighted all the pregnancy symptoms and stages, “Husband to dad, wife morning sickness, fatigue, boob tenderness, gas, stretch marks, weight gain, feet swelling, prenatal, no sleep, braxton hicks, cravings, water breaking, contractions, and labour.”

On Saturday, the 33-year-old Nero Water Company CEO deleted photos of herself in a doorway rocking a yellow, deep plunge dress that she had taken on Valentine’s eve.

Early this year, she confirmed that they are ready to start a family.

In an interview with Mwanaspoti, she said, “I would love to have three kids and we have spoken to everyone we would love it like that.”

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The couple had been rumoured on various occasions to be having marital issues, with Anerlisa last year controversially deleting all of Ben pol’s pictures from her Instagram timeline.

The couple got engaged in 2019 after dating for a few months. They later proceeded to a traditional wedding later on in the same year.

Pictures from the ceremony captured Pol in a white attire meeting with Anerlisa’s parents.

In 2020 they tied the knot at a secret wedding in Tanzania. A few weeks after the wedding the couple appeared to be at odds with each other resulting in Anerlisa un-following her husband on social media.

However, in a recent interview, she denied the rumours saying they have never parted ways since they started dating back in 2018.

“Hatujawahi kuachana wala kupeana likizo hata siku moja tangu tuanze mahusiano. Yale yalikuwa ni maneno ya kutengenezwa na watu wasiotujua vizuri wala mahusiano yetu,” Anerlisa explained.

She reaffirmed her commitment to her marriage vows posting “till death do us apart” on Instagram.

“With my best friend Ben Pol. One thing though you can be sure about is that only death will separate us. Upuzi hamna tena,” wrote Anerliza Muigai.