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Anerlisa Muigai admits to having undergone surgery

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai is not taking any trolls from fans after her ex-husband Ben Pol, who also is a singer, suggested she underwent a number of surgeries in search of a perfect body shape.

Anerlisa has come out guns blazing saying her surgeries have never been a secret.

In fact, she says she has openly discussed them while narrating her weight loss journey.

“There is nothing hidden about my surgeries. If you follow my weight loss platform you will be well-updated about them. It’s very normal after you lose weight, other parts of the body can be hard to correct with the gym, especially at the size I was before,” Anerlisa Muigai said.

Responding to a question from a fan on her weight loss app, Anerlisa admits to having undergone surgery on her arms and breasts.

“Yes, my arm and my breast are the only parts I had to lift with a doctor. Everything else got back its shape after a good long diet and trainer,” she said.

Another fan asked how she got through the pain and she explained she had to take very strong painkillers but after four months she was able to feel normal.

In the past Anerlisa would slam anyone who suggested that she underwent liposuction so as to lose weight.

In an interview with Tanzanian bloggers Ben Pol said the many trips he and his ex-wife took were not necessarily for holiday purposes. Some of the trips were for medical reasons, he claimed, and he was always around to offer medical support.

He however did not want to give more information saying the matter is private and it is only up to Anerlisa to decide if she wants to speak about it.

In addition to this, he also says he never enjoyed his 11 months of marriage to Anerlisa as he had hoped.

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ hitmaker says he feels their marriage was mostly about documenting their moves on social media to paint a picture of a happy union, yet that wasn’t the case in reality.

“For us, our marriage was pure aesthetics. It was all about taking pictures and writing colourful captions and nothing much. I don’t mean to demean anyone but in my opinion I feel like I got into a situation to complete someone’s idea of being perfect,” Ben Pol said.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol began their romantic affair in 2018, having met at a press conference in Nairobi.

They dated secretly before going public with their affair.

The two tied the note in 2020 in a private wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends in Tanzania.

The cracks in their marriage soon appear with Anerlisa dropping Ben Pol’s surname even as both parties remained tight-lipped on what was going on. The singer would then file for divorce.

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