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Anerlisa Muigai blasts gossiping acquaintances who think bad times last

Keroche Breweries billionaire heiress Anerlisa Muigai took the time to blast people who judged and gossiped about those in their circles needing a helping hand.

In her Saturday, March 25, 2023, statement, the Nero Company Limited Chief Executive Officer had no words to mince for people who behaved as she’d described, forgetting that bad times do not last.

“People will judge you, look down on you, talk to you anyhow and even gossip about you when you need the most help and will still not help you. These are the people you should never forget or entertain again. People forget that nothing bad in life is permanent,” began Anerlisa.

Days earlier, Nairobi News reported that Anerlisa Muigai also told off investors for being ignorant when someone approached them for financial assistance and the capacity to repay any help given.

“Sometimes, you only need a little boost for your business, but most people decline to be involved. Not because you can’t pay back but because they are ignorant. Please don’t give up. Keep doing you. Doors will soon open. God has every reason. Just trust Him. Also, if you can help, help. Nobody has ever gone poor helping. You lose nothing by helping. You only receive more blessings,” said Anerlisa.

It remains unclear if Anerlisa is talking from personal experience with needing help for her business or is simply giving advise to people in the business sector.

She owns the Nero Company Limited, a premier luxury beverage company that bottles water at 12,000 bottles per hour. She clarified that the company is independent of her parents’ brewery and that she was pushed to found her own company in 2013 after not qualifying to work at Keroche Breweries.

“I first applied for a marketing job in Keroche breweries but due to lack of enough experience, I was denied the job. So, what next? I decided to start Nero company Ltd to produce executive still water , to learn more and maybe re-apply for the marketing job. I was around my parents a lot when they were working. I learnt a lot about business from them and from those experiences,” she told a news website last year.

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