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Anerlisa Muigai hits back at fan over ‘barren’ slur

Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai has lashed out at a fan for calling her barren.

Through her Instagram stories, Anerlisa said the matter of the inability to bear children is a sensitive issue to women, especially those who have been trying to have kids for a long time without success. 

The businesswoman sounded rather provoked by the fan’s comment as she noted that she rarely pays any attention to comments by people but this matter, in particular, is something she had to respond to. 

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“There are a lot of comments that I ignore, but this one has gone far. I am actually touched because there are actual barren women in this world. I am disappointed that a whole grown man can comment on such things knowing how many women struggle day in and day out with getting kids,” Anerlisa said.

She went on to state that many women do not have children by choice and not because they lack the ability to have them. 

“Feel very shamed, and if you have young daughters, pray very hard for them. Your words can easily come back to you, sir!… Just to make it clear that a lot of women are not pregnant by choice. I haven’t seen any woman who has won a medal for getting a child before the other,” she said. 

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Last year, the curvy entrepreneur was flooded with questions from her fans about when she was planning on starting her own family and finally settling down, but she did not portray any signs of being bothered by the perturbing query.

One fan plucked up the courage to ask the 34-year-old about her plans of being a mother, arguing that the Nero Company CEO was getting older and it was high time she got children.

“When are you planning on getting babies? Unazeeka. ( you are getting old),” the fan asked.

To this Anerlisa calmly stated that she didn’t know when that would happen. “Ata sijui. (I’m just as clueless),” she responded.

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