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Anerlisa Muigai – Ladies stop spreading gossip about your close lady friends

Keroche Breweries CEO daughter Anerlisa Muigai has advised ladies to stop spreading gossip about their fellow friends. In a post on her Instagram stories, Anerlisa shared that taking gossip from one lady to another is calling for chaos in your life.

Citing herself as an example, the Nero Water CEO noted that she could know something about someone but keep it to herself. To her remaining neutral is always key.

“If you want peace in life, especially with close friends who know each other, please never take ‘muchene’ from one lady to another. It is very common for women to discuss each other but the problem comes in when you are told something and you take it to the other person then it becomes, she said, she mentioned, oh she was talking behind your back, etc,” she wrote.

Then added, “It is very important to remain quiet and keep what you know to yourself. I can know so much about someone, but I’d prefer to be quiet. I never change towards them, too, because I don’t judge people from what I have heard…it is better to always remain neutral. So ladies learn to shut your mouths.”

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Anerlisa has been on an advising spree, especially with women telling them they must prioritise themselves and be picky on whom they decide to date.

On the friendship topic, Anerlisa, in September 2022, revealed that rich friends were the most unreliable, saying that most people only pretend to care when the person finally dies.

“Some actions people take are the biggest deal breakers. For example, let’s say you were dating someone and after you break up, they move on to your best friend, that act is unforgettable and unforgivable. Even if they told you they did that to hurt you and promise to change, it’s hard to accept them back into your life even as friends. Be careful the extent you go to try and hurt others. Chapter closed,” she explained.

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