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Anerlisa Muigai: My generosity attracts unsolicited gossip

By Winnie Mabel December 31st, 2022 2 min read

Nero Company Limited Chief Executive Officer Anerlisa Muigai has spoken about one of the thing she hated about the year 2022 and it has everything to do with her generosity.

Through her Instagram stories, Anerlisa has revealed how her generosity has brought to the fore some unsavory traits of people around her.

“I can take most of the things, but don’t talk sh*t behind my back then act like you are real with me. There is something else I have learnt. When you’re good to people, you will always be brought for info you didn’t ask about, ” Anerlisa wrote.

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She also gave a peek into her expectations in the New Year.

“2023 is a year I want to be my best version. Nobody is above anybody. Money and power are earthly things, but your character will be left in people’s heart, and that is what we should all aim for.

If I have wronged anyone, I ask for forgiveness. We have one day left in 2022 and I would like to make peace and start afresh. Peace,” she said.

Anerlisa recently said she is becoming a different person now after being naïve for so long in dealing with people.

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“Before I was very naïve but now I am a really different person. I have more respect for people who have clean heart, not the car they drive, the many holidays the take or how much they pend. The people who can’t even help you financially will be the people checking on you always. Invest only on yourself and only you, and choose friends according to how you feel about their hearts. We learn through experiences. I believe nothing bad in life is permanent,” she said.

Anerlisa is also known for cutting off acquaintances cold in the event that they rub her in the wrong way. This was evident when she ended her friendship with Instagram influencer Phoina in one fell swoop.

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