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Anerlisa Muigai reveals how her mum would react if she asked for Sh 300k monthly allowances

Anerlisa Muigai, one of two heirs to the multi-billion Keroche Breweries empire, has revealed how her mother, Nakuru Senator Tabitha Njoroge, would react if she asked for hefty monthly allowances to the tune of hundreds of thousands of shillings.

Anerlisa made this revelation as she reacted to a video of an American female youth who was having a hard time because her mother would not give her more than USD 1,000 (Sh 127,200) in monthly allowances instead of the USD 2,500 (Sh 317,975) she believed she deserves.

“My spending allowance per month is USD 1,000. I feel like a peasant. If you ask me, I think my mom should be giving me at least USD 2,500 a month just to cover my basic expenses. When my mom refuses to give me money, I make her life a living hell,” said the American girl.

The girl then wrote to American talk show host Dr. Phil complaining about her mother and asked him for help. When the two appeared on the show, the girl burst into tears when Dr Phil agreed with her mother that she should get a job.

The young girl went on to say the lifestyle she was born into and is used to cannot be maintained with USD 1,000 a month and her mother couldn’t just take it away from her in an instant. She claimed that this was the only lifestyle she knew and her mother wouldn’t like it if someone took away her own lifestyle too.

It was when the young girl burst into tears that Anerlisa revealed her mother would have had her hide for behaving like the American girl.

“Ohhh, not in Tabitha’s world. Wueh. She would probably give me a mop and start there, followed by slaps. Thank God we were not brought up with a spoilt mentality. My parents would never, especially my dad. This kid should be given to my parents,” laughed Anerlisa.

Aside from being one of two remaining children of Kenyan billionaires, in her own right, Anerlisa owns her own company where she bottles and sells luxury branded water. She is renowned for leading a lavish lifestyle including driving expensive vehicles, living in mansions and having super executive offices. She is also known for only attending exclusive events and owning expensive foreign bought fashion ensembles.

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