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Anerlisa Muigai: Rich friends are the most unreliable

By Winnie Mabel September 8th, 2022 2 min read

Socialite Anerlisa Muigai took to social media with a long post on the importance of people investing in themselves and used an example of an ex who dated a friend.

As per the posts seen by Nairobi News on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Anerlisa claimed people often don’t care about a person going through problems because they don’t care.

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She said most people only pretend to care when the person finally dies.

“Some actions people take are the biggest deal breakers. For example, let’s say you were dating someone and after you break up, they move on to your best friend, that act is unforgettable and unforgivable. Even if they told you they did that to hurt you and promise to change, it’s hard to accept them back into your life even as friends. Be careful the extent you go to try and hurt others. Chapter closed,” she explained.

She further explained asked her followers to invest in themselves.

“I think most of you know the sh** we have had to go through. This is actually for people who are looking forward to making it and maybe one of their goals is to have ’rich friends’. Those so-called rich friends will only smile with you when you have money, otherwise, when you slip a little, they will be the biggest gossip spreaders and rumor spreaders about your little downfall. These so-called rich friends will not give you even a cent or even check up on you,” she explained.

She posited that people only associated with someone who is monied because they respect the money, not the person. She advised her followers to choose close friends according to how real the person is, not because they feel they are on the same level.

“Before I was very naïve but now I am really a different person. I have more respect for people who have clean hearts, not the car they drive, the many holidays they take, or how much they spend. The people who can’t even help you financially will be the people checking on you always. Invest only on yourself and only you, and choose friends according to how you feel about their hearts. We learn through experiences. I believe nothing bad in life is permanent.”

Over the past few months, Anerlisa has been opening up to her followers about her life, her experiences and some troubles. Among the major ones was a betrayal by a former close friend, stylist Phoina, who posted videos of herself having a good time with a man once accused of killing Anerlisa’s sister.

Right on the spot, Anerlisa ended their friendship with a social media post saying, “And that’s it for our friendship.”

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