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Anerlisa Muigai to Kenyans: Respect celebs

The Kenyan celebrity scene isn’t as exclusive as that in our neighbouring countries or across the globe. In Kenya, the relationship between celebs and their fans tend to be short-lived and at the smallest provocation, fans turn on them.

Quite recently, musician Willy Paul decried the disrespect he endured when some anti-fans accosted him at a petrol station and began insulting him without any provocation while recording the entire fiasco on camera.

Unfortunately, many Kenyan celebs tend to be too available to their fans in their quest to maintain the fame and make any money associated with this fame.

Which perhaps explains why Kenyan celebrity businesswoman and influencer Anerlisa Muigai has asked Kenyans to have respect for public figures.

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To drive her point home, Anerlisa cited instances in which she felt disrespected by her fans.

She also cited instances when some fans have asked to show her their social media accounts in her phone then proceed to follow themselves using her private Instagram account that boasts over one million followers.

“Honestly I need to say this from my heart. When you meet public figures, could you let them be and respect their spaces?” she said.

Anerlisa hit out at retail sellers who always insisted she tag them when she unveiled her new outfits on her social media pages despite her paying full price for the clothes.

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“If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention on my private page. Also stop using my images to promote anything. I thought I put that out there because I know most public figures would agree with me,” she said.

Ironically, there are some Kenyan celebs who actively ask retail stores to dress them for tags and mentions to expose their shops to wider audiences.

Lately, Anerlisa has been vocal about protecting her brand as a luxurious entrepreneur/socialite in attempts to get away from the influencer tag.

Anerlisa is known for her expensive fashion taste and she often spots luxurious American and Italian brands such as Manolo Blahnik and Prada.

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