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Anerlisa Muigai: Why I dumped all my ex-boyfriends

Nero Water Company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai, has dished out some relationship advice, explaining why she had to walk out on some of her past relationships. One of the reason she mentions is dating a person who feels entitled to their partner’s wealth.

“I don’t even know why this has just come up in my head. I have come to gather that most of the relationships fail because of (out of my experience). Lack of respect, feeling entitled to the other person’s things/life. There is this relationship I was in where the guy started to even asking me to show him my ATM pin, also when I was talking to my family especially my mum, he wanted to hear and be part of the conversation. Like dude, I have some personal things that need to be shared and discussed only with my family,” Anerlisa said.

In another instance a man she was dating demanded for her to build her a house or start for him a company.

“Getting into a relationship for your own selfish reason. Let me laugh, one of my ex once asked me this ‘we have been together for more than a year now and you haven’t helped me?’ I asked ‘what do you mean helped?’ he said ‘I mean you should have built me a house by now or even open for me a company like yours.’ I swear I answered, ‘If you thought starting a relationship with me will make you rich, then you are in the wrong relationship my friend.’ I was dropped in less than a week,” she narrated.

Another thing Anerlisa has warned women about is being in a relationship with a secretive man. She recalled how she once walked in on one of her exes having a private conversation with another person about her. She walked in on him without him noticing and heard him planning to con her Sh3.5 million.

“The amount they planned to take from me was $30,000, which they never succeeded. And even if I hadn’t walked in on them, they still wouldn’t have succeeded because anyone who has dated me knows that I don’t hand out money. That’s why I laugh when I hear people say ‘he dated her and left with nothing’. Yes, they leave with nothing, only thing you will remember is my genuine love and experience.”