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Anerlisa Muigai: Why I have no problem with firing my employees

Anerlisa Muigai, the CEO of Nero Company Limited, has revealed that from time to time she is forced to fire some of her employees at the bottled water processing firm. Reason being she cannot afford to keep unproductive employees on her payroll.

Anerlisa says although laying off staff, especially in this economy, has made her come out as a villain, she often has to make the tough decision to help keep her company afloat.

“I keep telling my sales people that there are so many people in need of a sales job. Sometimes people might see it as if firing people who are not working is unfair especially with the economy right now. But you fail to understand that, the same way you need money to survive, is the same way the company needs your sales to survive,” Anerlisa said.

Anerlisa started the company, whose flagship product is Executive bottled water, in 2015.

In a past interview, Anerlisa revealed that she started the company after she her application for a marketing job at her family’s business, Keroche Breweries, was turned down.

Tabitha Karanja, Ms Muigai’s mother, is the managing director of Keroche Breweries. For years the beer company has been having smooth business operations until their recent battles with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for over tax evasion claims.