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Anerlisa Muigai: Why I will never ride on a matatu again

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 19th, 2023 2 min read

Anerlisa Muigai, the wealthy heiress of Keroche Breweries, recently opened up about her public transportation experience, shedding light on the extravagant expenses of maintaining her luxurious rides.

Known for her opulent lifestyle and collection of high-end vehicles, Anerlisa Muiga often flaunts her priced possession, a sleek Range Rover.

Anerlisa poses next to a charcoal black Range Rover. PHOTO | COURTESY

However, she revealed that beneath the glamorous exterior of her ride lies a significant financial burden, from the staggering costs associated with repairing the machine to maintaining such a high-end vehicle.

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On August 6, the socialite and businesswoman took to social media to share a jaw-dropping bill totalling Sh1.6 million for her recent Range Rover repair costs.

In a candid message to fellow luxury car owners, Anerlisa warned against cutting corners when it comes to maintaining these top-tier automobiles.

“Maintaining the car is usually an expense. These quoted parts are required to be changed every two to three years.”

Caption: Anerlisa inside her luxurious Range Rover. PHOTO | COURTESY

While many may assume Anerlisa Muiga exclusively relies on her luxury vehicles for transportation, she revealed a surprising chapter from her past – her last experience aboard a matatu.

“Last time I boarded a matatu, I was 19 na niliibiwa (I got robbed). It was my first time and last,” she recalled with a smile.

When questioned about her destination that day, she explained: “I was with my friend, and she was high, and I was hyped up, na siwezi taka kurudi tena (I would never want a repeat of that ever again).”

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Anerlisa poses next to a luxurious Bentley Bentayga. PHOTO | COURTESY

Anerlisa also touched upon the peculiar messages she receives from admirers on her Instagram.

“They are so crazy. I receive naked pictures, and someone once told me they were ready to leave their wife to marry me,” she revealed.

However, she clarified that she doesn’t entertain such audacious offers, maintaining her grace and composure.

“The craziest DM I received the other day was someone offering KSh 100,000 to sleep with me,” Anerlisa confessed.

“I get 50 DMs on a good day, but on trending days, I get 200,” she admitted.

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