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Anerlisa Muigai: Why some fans irritate me

Anerlisa Muigai, the daughter of Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja, is very angry at her fans, at least not all of them but the annoying ones.

According to Anerlisa being a fan does not entitle a person to demand anything from celebrities. In fact, she says, it is disrespectful when fans decide to take some liberties.

For instance, she says, it is impolite to follow themselves back when they show her their Instagram account through her page.

“Honestly I need to say this from my heart. When you meet public figures could you please let them be and respect their spaces. Recently I have experienced behaviours I haven’t appreciated. First, I don’t get why when people show me their Instagram pages through my page, choose to follow themselves back without even asking me if it’s okay, ” Anerlisa said.

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In addition to this, she said fans who meet her in person should stop asking her for her personal mobile number.

“Secondly, its polite to stop asking for personal numbers just because we have bumped into each other. The other day I gave my number to some lady who really insisted on the personal one and rejected the office one. Now, my WhatsApp is full of CV’s. The best way to do it is to give someone your business card, and if you get a call back, then just know they were interested in knowing your business. If you do not have a card, please don’t ask for phone numbers, I find it very annoying,” she said.

And finally, she said that if she pays for any goods or services do not expect a mention on social media.

“Stop asking for tags. My page is my personal space. I would go somewhere or buy something and someone would still insist on tagging or mentions. If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention. I thought I put that out because I know most public figures would agree with me,” she explained.

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This is not the first time Anerlisa has aired her likes and dislikes. Recently she said she has no time for disrespectful men who feel entitled to her wealth.

Other turn offs for her are partners who expect lavish gifts from her. She has in the past narrated how one ex expected her to build him a mansion or open a company for him.

She also hates secretive partners having walked in on one of her exes discussing on the phone how he could get Sh 3.7 million out of her using a con move.

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