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Anerlisa Muigai’s advice on how to avoid heartbreak

By Nicole Kendi January 30th, 2023 2 min read

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has shared a few words of wisdom that she ultimately learned from her love and dating experiences.

Through a photo she posted on her Instagram page, the entrepreneur shared her two cents on how to avoid getting played and heartbroken in the game of love.

“I hope this time when you see the signs, you don’t ignore them. I hope this time when you see lack of effort, you don’t force it, you pick up and go. I hope this time, you save yourself before you even get damaged,” read Anerlisa’s caption. 

This nugget of wisdom has touched a section of the businesswoman’s fans as they resonate deeply with her past experiences in love. 

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Having previously been married to bongo artiste Ben Pol, Anerlisa has found herself in situations where she has had to defend her name in regard to her failed marriage and broken relationships. 

With her private matters constantly being broadcasted in the public arena, the beautiful businesswoman has had a rather tough time trying to keep to herself and move on from her singer ex-husband.

However, this initiative has proved to be a debilitating challenge to the Nero Company CEO as her ex-husband recently came out all guns blazing her, claiming he did not enjoy his marriage to her.

While speaking in an interview, blogger Millard Ayo, the musician, said their three-year marriage was more about showing off online than enjoying the real benefits of marriage.

“To be honest, I shouldn’t be a liar, I didn’t really enjoy the marriage. The marriage plans to have children, I’ve never seen. I didn’t see marriage as I do with other people,” said Ben Pol.

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This revelation raffled the feathers of Anerlisa as she quickly took to her Instagram stories to give a different side to the singer’s utterance to the public. The entrepreneur said the Tanzanian singer has constantly used interviews to paint her in bad light, which was different from what he sent her in texts.

“Ben I see you have really taken advantage of my silence for weakness… You’ve always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me, why are you always making me look bad, yet you send me different from what you talk?” Anerlisa posed.

The Keroche heiress further dared the singer to share screenshots of their communication, adding that she has had a lot to say except she chose to keep silent.

“If you are really a man I dare you to screenshot what you have been sending me from December 25 to January 4, I have a lot to say but I choose to be a lady, It’s simple, stop talking about me!” Anerlisa said.

Taking heed of his ex-wife’s remarks, the Tanzanian singer publicly shared an apology letter to Anerlisa, taking responsibility for his sly comments about her and their failed marriage.

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