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Anerlisa Muigai’s classy response to a fan’s proposal

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has responded to a fan who expressed interest in marrying her through an Instagram comment.

The fan, identified as Bosco_abraham, left a comment on one of Anerlisa’s photos saying that he hopes to marry her one day.

“One day, that hand will have a ring, hopefully from me,” the fan said.

Anerlisa responded that most men know how to put a ring on a woman’s finger, but only a few know how to handle a real woman.

Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO| COURTESY

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It is not clear whether Anerlisa is still in a relationship with Melvin Abraham, whom she introduced to her fans on social media a few months after divorcing Tanzanian singer Ben Pol in 2021.

Anerlisa has also recently said that it helps to pretend that one is in a relationship when you are actually single in real life.

“One advice I’d give for free is that, if it’s announced that you are publicly single, sometimes it helps to fake that you are in a relationship,” she advised.

Adding, “Because it keeps off unnecessary people from coming your way and that helps you choose your person in peace.”

However, Anerlisa recently celebrated being celibate for the past seven months, saying that it has made her feel better and changed her perspective on everything.

Anerlisa also shared her thoughts on relationships and advised people to keep them private.

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She stated that she values privacy and needs her man to be someone who does not share their relationship details online.

“I adapt to every relationship according to how I am treated. Getting peace of mind from somebody is very rare and also getting somebody who keeps quiet about the relationship is also very rare,” she stated.

She also emphasized that smart decision-making must be a trait that her ideal partner should have.

Anerlisa’s advice for publicly single people is to pretend to be in a relationship, as it helps keep unnecessary people away and helps them choose their partner in peace.

She believes that finding peace of mind from somebody is rare, and keeping quiet about the relationship is also rare.

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