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Anerlisa Muigai’s three major body transformations

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai is renowned for her extravagant spending, especially on her appearance and body.

According to recent interviews and social media posts, she has undergone three major body transformations, investing millions in the process.

Around eight years ago, she revealed her struggles to lose her initial weight of 124 kg.

In January 2023, Anerlisa openly discussed her surgical journey, emphasizing that she had never kept her procedures a secret.

“There is nothing hidden about my surgeries. If you follow my weight loss platform, you will be well-informed about them. It’s very normal that after significant weight loss, certain areas of the body can be challenging to correct solely through exercise, especially considering the size I was before.”

Responding to a question from a fan on her weight loss app, Anerlisa admitted to having undergone surgery on her arms and breasts.

“Yes, my arms and my breasts are the only parts I had to lift with a doctor. Everything else regained its shape after a good diet and a dedicated fitness trainer.”

She added that her weight gain during those years was primarily due to stress from a difficult relationship, which people observed.

“But after ending that relationship, I regained my normal size through exercise and diet. Initially, I used the balloon weight loss method but regained the weight. It’s not recommended for more than three months. That’s the only non-surgical procedure I’ve tried, and everyone knows that,” Anerlisa explained.

Anerlisa Muigai also mentioned that her fitness trainer had advised her to undergo arm and breast lifts to tighten and tone her body.

“My arms weren’t toning as I wanted, and they appeared saggy, so my trainer suggested I do something about them, along with my breasts. Those are the only two surgical procedures I’ve undergone.”

The Body lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to address sagging skin and excess fat in multiple areas of the body.

This is not the only body transformation she has done.

In 2022, Anerlisa disclosed that she underwent laser depigmentation to lighten her dark gums, which she was unhappy with.

She expressed her satisfaction with the pink gums, stating that they suited her perfectly.

However, she did not disclose where she had the procedure done or how much it cost.

She also underwent a teeth transformation to brighten her smile.

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