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Anglican Church to launch Facebook Sunday service for youths who can’t go to church

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) will next year launch an online church service for its youthful flock.

Head of ACK Archbishop Jackson Jackson Ole Sapit has announced that the church will start training its priests on how to use social media ahead of the launch of the online service.

“As a church we cannot afford to be left behind and we need to embrace technology. It’s a high time we start our online church to tap on the larger community in the social media,” said Dr Sapit.


He explained that the bold move in meant to reach out to the diminishing numbers of young people attending church services.  He urged fellow clergymen to be ready to embrace social media platforms.

“Most of our young congregation have the latest gadgets and are not attending church services and the best way to loop them back is to introduce online church services as they are permanently on social media,” said Dr Sapit.

“As the world is becoming a global village by the day, it’s about time we in the leadership of the church embrace technology and start online services” said Dr Sapit.

He warned that if the church dilly dallies in entering the digital space the it faces the risk of being left behind.


“We need to enter into this technological space and take our evangelism message there where majority of the young members are found,” said Dr Sapit.

He was speaking at the Cathedral Church of Good Shepherd in Nakuru town on Thursday during the conferment of a Doctorate Degree of Divinity to Bishop Joseph Muchai from the All Nation Christian Church International University in United States.

Bishop Muchai was recognized by the Texas based university for his leadership roles in uplifting the  lives of the faithful and less vulnerable in the church and beyond.

The colorful ceremony was also attended by a host of retired and present ACK bishops in Kenya.