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Anglican church probing five gay priests in Nyeri, Muranga

The Anglican Church is investigating five more priests from Mt Kenya region over allegations of involvement in homosexuality.

The five, who are on suspension, are married with children and are said to be homosexuals without their wives’ knowledge, according to Mt Kenya West diocese Bishop Joseph Kagunda.

They are from Othaya, Karatina, Murang’a and Nyeri towns.

The church tribunal launched investigations into their behaviour mid this year. Bishop Kagunda also noted that some of them offer marriage counselling.


“The church is ashamed to be associated with them,” said the bishop.

The church on Sunday asked one of its priests to step down for allegedly practising homosexuality.

The priest served in several parishes in Mt Kenya diocese and enticed four young men into homosexuality.

The young men spent nights with him in the vicars’ house. The priest reportedly befriended and requested them to visit him in the church for spiritual guidance but “seduced them and forced them into homosexuality.”

He pleaded with the young men not to tell anyone.

The letter of suspension was read during Sunday service at the Nyeri St Peters Cathedral.

On Tuesday, the bishop said church ministers from across the country belonging to Anglican Church have been reported. He said reports indicate the priests have been homosexuals for a long time.

“Some of them engage in such behaviour with fellow priests and ministers of the gospel,” Bishop Kagunda.


The victims have reported that priests would tell them that homosexuality is not a sin and they should not be ashamed of it.

Bishop Kagunda said: “Homosexuality was there even in the olden days. The Bible records some men in the Old Testament who wanted to engage angels in homosexuality. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to homosexuality.”

He added: “However, God has given everyone free will to choose either to follow the truth or to go against it”

The bishop said although the church in Kenya is under pressure to allow same-sex marriages, the Anglican Church in Kenya will not fall prey to such doctrines.

“Anyone who feels that homosexuals and gay marriages should be allowed in Church should find a different denomination because the behaviour does not reflect the institution of marriage started by God,” he said.


He called on all Christians to stand with the teachings of the true church of God, saying that the Church will not bow to pressure from Western countries to preach and accept what does not please God.

Bishop Kagunda said all priests linked to homosexuality have stepped down and would all be defrocked if found guilty.