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Angry Nyota Ndogo disses ‘hypocrite’ Kenyans for ignoring Conje

Coast based songstress Nyota Ndogo is an angry woman.

The singer on Monday uploaded a video on her Facebook page where she ranted at Kenyans for not doing enough to help former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng.

Nyota Ndogo, in the 4.59 minute-clip where she talks in flawless Swahili, Nyota, lamented how Kenyans have been sharing Conjestina’s photos online without offering a lasting solution to her problems.

Latest photos of Conjestina Achieng that have been circulating on social media. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Latest photos of Conjestina Achieng that have been circulating on social media. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Kenyans, she argued, merely say; “Please pray for Conjestina.”

Yaani wakenya ni watu wa ajabu sana, sijui huwa kile kikundi cha kusadia kinatoka wapi…utapata wakiamua kusaidia basi wanasaidia ukweli yaani, utaona ndani ya siku mbili yule anayetaka kusaidiwa amesaidika amepata kila kitu ambacho anakihitaji, wakenya hao.

“Sasa wakenya hao hao tuje tena wakulenge, watakulenga wewe, ndio hapo sasa inaishia pray for Conjestina…mwenzenu ana matatizo mnasema mumwombee, mumwombee ama muangalie shida ambayo ako nayo nigani…mbona tusiseme tunamchangia?” she posed.

Nyota suggested that a permanent solution to Conjestina’s woes is for the government to stabilise her health and finances by building her a house, helping her seek treatment and starting a business that will help her financially.


The boxing icon has been wasting away in her rural home in western Kenya after being reduced to a life of want and suffering. Her latest photos circulating on social media show her emaciated  and wearing worn clothes.

Conjestina’s troubles started back in March 2012 when she was arraigned at Makadara Law courts for assaulting her landlady, charges that were later withdrawn after a private session with the magistrate.

In September same year Conjestina was admitted at Mathari mental hospital for a month after which she was discharged and taken to her rural home in Kisumu to recuperate there.

Since then she has been on and off Avenue Hospital in Kisumu but her condition has not improved.

Well-wishers led by musician Nonini and comedian Churchill back in 2012 led a campaign dubbed Kenyans for Conjestina that raised funds for her treatment.

This year other well-wishers, among them model Eveleen Mingoye, also came up with campaigns to raise more funds for the former boxing queen but her situation is still as it was in 2012.