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Anita Nderu calls out Kenyan influencers who sell themselves cheap

Former radio presenter and media personality Anita Nderu has called out Kenyan influencers and content creators whose goal is purely monetary.

While also critiquing corporates and marketing agencies, Ms Nderu said some of these content creators accept poor pay just to appear booked.

She further decried the exploitation that content creators and artistes are often subjected to.

“Looking booked and busy and being given free product isn’t the same as getting paid for your value. “Kenya needs a union that represents us and sets T’s and C’s that protect us, because it is work, to produce all the content you see and it costs money and time to show up looking like we do,” she wrote on Instagram.

She faulted marketers for underpaying content creators yet a budget exists.

“More often than not, the budget is there, we are settling for less or nothing. The sooner we stop undercutting each other for pennies, and agreeing to be exploited so we look busy, the better our bottom line will be,” she said.

In the past, some content creators have stated that they are worth good pay for the huge impact and following that they have among the consumers.

However, in Kenya, the concept of influencer marketing is yet to be fully exploited.

It is assumed that people who follow these influencers trust them and what they say, hence they influence consumer habits.

Among companies who target influencers to market their products include beauty firms, baby product manufacturers, phone manufacturers, apparel firms and beer manufactures.