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Anita Nderu reveals her battle with seizures

Former Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu has revealed that she occasionally suffers seizures, a condition that has cost her have full mobility of her right hand.

Anita wrote on Instagram informing her fans of her condition, which she says started in January this year.

“I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason (well 90% of the time? sometimes I think the universe is just being mean?) I believe everything is building up to something,” said Anita.

“Sometimes seriously things have happened to me where even I am like, what a WOW! What an actual WOW! Mercury needs to get into the right retrograde cause damn Sis! Is this a joke? Surely it must be, I can’t believe it! Heh witchcraft must be real! Who sent you and why?”

So far, she says she has suffered four seizures. The worst of them all she says were the second and third seizures during which she shattered her right arm humerus into four pieces.

A surgeon, however, was able to put it back together using a titanium plate.

“It’s been over a month now, the tear in the stitches scar is because my 4th seizure (the first one where I was alone) was so bad it tore it but it is all healed now. Already did all the tests necessary, they, however, cannot find a cause so I live with it now,” she went on.

“Medicating daily and taking care of myself. Still have not managed to resume normal arm function (I am right handed so my left hand has had to make up for all those years of freeloading?) but getting there.”