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Anita Nderu shares pregnancy journey

Pregnancy seems to be treating media personality Anita Nderu well, after she went on to brag about her now big breasts. Anita has also said she is loving the changes her body is undergoing because of the pregnancy.

She says she loves how full her lips are, how swollen her nose is and of course her boobs.

“My favourite bit about being pregnant is definitely the boobs (yes I know, I know, they’ll go back) but while I have them, they will know I appreciate them . Basically things that people point out and make comments like they feel bad for me, I love ️ I love how full my lips are, my nose has swollen too! I love its new contours, I love my bump so so much! Dressing it has been the greatest closet journey of my life! Everything looks nice on me, my curvy dreams have come true I do not miss tucking in my stomach AT ALL ,” Anita said.

During pregnancy a woman’s breasts may start to enlarge at around six to eight weeks.

Anita also revealed that she has gained 10kg and also goes through the occasional mood swings.

“Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating journeys of my life! Everything about it is so intense, fun, confusing, hectic, lovable and peaceful! Today every little thing is making me cry and I don’t want company Yesterday I peed like 97 times ,” she said.

“My cravings have been few and spaced out but currently potatoes in every format is what I want. I’ve gained 10kgs and none of it is going to my butt, I think that’s the only downside oh and I have no patience for nonsense, absolutely none, I really have been standing up for myself more and I love it!” she said.

The former Trend co-host is expecting her first child with husband Barrett Rafter. The couple got married in a fancy traditional wedding that was quickly followed by a white one in September last year.