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Anita Nderu: Why I didn’t immediately fall in love with my newborn baby

By Naira Habib January 25th, 2023 2 min read

Media personality Anita Nderu has yet again opened up about her journey as a mother revealing that she did not immediately fall in love with her baby after giving birth.

She explained that at first she was more in shock and thought that something was wrong with her, especially given the fact that other women always share of how it is love at first sight when they see their babies.

It took up to two weeks for her to start experiencing love.

“I’ll be honest I didn’t experience the love, at first sight, everyone speaks of, mine was more like shock and fear and the will to learn. I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t experience that overwhelming love spoken of immediately. It came through about 2 weeks later when I was looking at her in her bassinet and I felt like my heart would explode with love❤️ it’s been such a fun couple of months,” Anita said.

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Anita also disclosed the fears she and her husband had at the beginning of her pregnancy. They decided not to tell people about it for fear of if they lost the baby.

“This time last year we had just found out we were pregnant with her and were going through the don’t tell anyone phase in case it doesn’t work out. Our Gyna was against the secrecy because she felt if it didn’t work out we would need emotional support and how can you be supported when no one knows what you are going through,” she said.

“Our families knew so we told our entire inner circle then life went on as usual until we heard her heartbeat for the first time❤️ it felt so real then! Baby heartbeats sound so fast! I listened to it often almost as a reminder that Peanut was real because I wasn’t showing,” she said.

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But through it all, she says the journey of motherhood has been a great experience.

“It’s been such a fun couple of months, every day class is in session with Nippie Suckle. She smiles so much, her farts smell horrible but I love them, they hit you in waves like perfume, I love breastfeeding her even though my milk is no longer there, I love falling asleep with her in my arms, she’s asleep next to me right now and I’m excited for her to wake up so we can hang out because she is awake more now and loves to do stuff to keep busy,” she said.

“She is making suckling noises as she sleeps, which makes me smile😊 Also she has outgrown her bassinet already and she rotates in her sleep so you find her limbs hanging out like a jail bird😄 This should probably have been a vlog story, I didn’t intend to even write this long a caption but I just thought I’d share❤,” she said.

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