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Anitah Nderu deletes bae’s photo

Media personality Anita Nderu posted her bae on Instagram but immediately deleted the post.

The incident happened this past week, on the day she was to celebrate both her birthday and 10 years anniversary.

In the deleted picture, she was pictured deleting someone believed to be her white (mzungu) bae.

Nairobi News could not establish why she deleted the picture.

After deleting that picture, Nderu went on to upload another picture with her friends who attended her birthday bash. She turned 31 on February 9, 2021.

The exquisite surprise birthday party was organized by her friends among them fellow media personality Amina Abdi Rabar.

The 31-year-old admitted to being taken aback by Amina and her friend’s kind gesture.

“@aminaabdirabar called me weeks before my birthday and was like “Babe I know you love birthdays and you are extra, if you were to get the birthday of your dreams how extra would you want it?” I swear on Mary had a little lamb I told her things thinking we were joking around and only realized her and B were actually throwing what I can only call an event less than a couple of days to the day,” wrote Anita.

“I owe both of them a child at this point. It is the only thank you humanly possible. They went so extra, my extra self was shook and that is hard to do. All I knew was be home at 4pm and look dope AF @color_bysamantha will do your make up at 2pm. I got home at 6pm of course I was late. These guys even had a fish and chips station! My favourite meal! Then customized everything to celebrate my birthday and 10 year anniversary in the media industry. “To all my friends who showed up and showed out, I love you more than words can explain. Thank you for all the presents, thank you for loving me the way you do. 31 will be lovely. Gratitude is all I feel.”