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Anne Kansiime: Losing both parents has made me a better person

Ugandan entertainer Anne Kansiime has opened up about how the loss of her parents inspired her to discover herself.

The comedian, who commands a huge following in East Africa and especially Kenya, made the comments during a chat with fans on her YouTube channel.

Kansiime, who made her name in Kenya for her don’t mess with Kansiime skits lost her dad barely a year after losing her mother in June 2021.

The personal losses forced her to take time off social media and work even as condolence messages poured in.

“I lost my parents in such a short period of time. I never used to consider myself as someone who was always all about their parents, but now that they are gone I am being forced to make sure I understand myself,” she explained.

She further discloses that she plucked up the courage while mourning to understand her ideas and what makes her the kind of woman she is.

“Losing my parents so quickly has forced me to understand myself. If I’m being honest, I used to get existed about good things happening in my life because I knew my parents were proud of me. But now I get excited a short while then it ends,”

Kansiime adds that many of her close friends and relatives assumed her new personality trait was just a coping mechanism.

“Nowadays I’m very unapologetic and it is very confusing to people who consider themselves to know you, and people who have known you a long time. When they see me like this they think it’s probably the grieving stage that I’ll eventually bounce back.”

“Losing my parents has given me confidence in who I am. I have let myself exist at the moment throughout my grieving process and this has helped me deal with the loss. I’m grateful for waking up every morning,”

The mother of one reiterated that the support of her loved ones enabled her to continue making people laugh despite the sorrow of losing her parents.