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Anne Kiguta faces off with Mediamax over cancelled Ndindi Nyoro interview – VIDEO

K24 Anchor Anne Kiguta has been widely lauded for going against the grain by bashing her employer after her popular political show Punchline interview was canceled on Sunday.

Kiguta was supposed to host Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro on the Sunday episode but she claims the Mediamax management cancelled the interview without involving her in the decision-making process.

“Tonight, I begin with offering you an apology. We on Punchline invited the firing first time legislator Ndindi Nyoro on the program. The Kiharu legislator as you well know is a staunch defender of Deputy President William Ruto, who has cast his aspersions in the BBI process but that interview has been cancelled.”

“As the host of this program I have a responsibility to you the viewer and therefore I must state that this was not my decision and I respectful disagree with it.”

“We invited Nyoro on this program and indeed we reach out to all politicians of all persuasions every single week because we, because I believe in listening to all sides of the debate.”

“However, the management of this station was of a contrary opinion and had their considered views, concerns by which this program is bound. I must also say this is a discussion that within their right because as they say in all establishment management reserves the right of admission.”

“And so, my apologies to the viewers of this program. However, I am nothing, if not a boxer, and at least for tonight there is still some fight left in me and so the show must go on,” she said as she continued with the news of the day.

Ndindi Nyoro is a strong defender of Deputy President William Ruto and his 2022 presidential ambitions while the TV station has been widely linked to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kiguta was to host Nyoro alongside Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni and constitutional lawyer James Mamboleo to discuss the Building Bridges Initiative and Uhuru Kenyatta’s Succession.