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Anne Kiguta quits K24 over ‘fundamental disagreement’ with her bosses

Tv host Anne Kiguta has finally resigned from K24 tv owned by Mediamax Limited citing disagreement on the editorial process the show was being forced to take.

The anchor popularly known for her political interview prowess began her political show dubbed Punchline at K24 on July 21, 2019 but secretly resigned on November 21 before making it public on Sunday.

“It is with regret that today I announce that I will not be returning to the program. Owing to a fundamental disagreement on the editorial processes and direction the show was being forced to take, I suspended my services as an independent contractor to the show on 21st November 2020,” Ms Kiguta wrote in her resignation letter.

She added, “My decision was guided by the Code of Conduct contained in the Media Council of Kenya Act which guides all journalists practising in the republic of Kenya. As a result. I can no longer in good conscience continue to be a part of Punchline.”

It is believed her fallout with K24 management began in October when she expressed her fury with her bosses for cancelling her interview with Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro at the last minute.

Ms Kiguta was supposed to host Mr Nyoro but claimed the management at Mediamax cancelled the interview without consulting her for political reasons.

She boldly made her position known at the end of the news right before the Punchline slot saying Kenyans should have been given a chance to hear why the MP was opposed to the BBI.

“We at Punchline invited the fiery first-time legislator Ndindi Nyoro on the programme. The Kiharu legislator, as you well know, is a staunch defender of Deputy President William Ruto who has cast his aspersions on the BBI process. That interview has been cancelled,” said Kiguta.

She added that her decision was guided by the Code of Conduct contained in the Media Council of Kenya Act which guides all journalists practicing in the republic of Kenya which states that “A person subject to this Act shall write a fair, accurate and an unbiased story on matters of public interest. All sides of the story shall be reported, wherever possible.”

Although Kiguta seems to have left in a rather dramatic way, she affirmed in her statement that she was proud of what the show had achieved and the support she had from her crew.