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Anne Kiguta wished Jomo Gecaga happy Father’s day and this happened

Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta wished her baby daddy Jomo Gecaga a happy Father’s Day on Sunday, drawing comments from fans following reports of their break up.

Kiguta shared a photo of their twins in the hands of Gecaga in the Father’s Day wish.

Gecaga commented; “And respect to the Mother’s who pick up the slack and make Fathers lives all the more easier ??.”

Users waded in with all sorts of inquiries about the couple, with one @mosesambani carrying the day for asking Kiguta if Gecaga was her daddy.

mosesambani2 asked; “Is this your father?”

Gecaga wrote; “@mosesambani2 Queen Mother kindly kindly kindly. Help. ?.”

Kiguta replied; “Lol @jomogecaga I don’t think @mosesambani2 can be helped ? ?but Kenyan parents we are to blame for calling each other mummy and daddy… ??.”

Gecaga commented with a wink emoji; “@annekiguta sorry then whose your Daddy ?.”

Kiguta replied with a cheeky emoji; “@jomogecaga ?.”

A user catemuchoki commented; “Sasa @Daddy na @ Mommy wafanye harusi hizi msgs zisemwe mbele ya wazee.. ?????”

Kiguta had a few months ago deleted all images of Gecaga, including a video of him playing with Kiguta’s first child from a previous relationship.