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Anne Waiguru leading battle of ‘minji minjis’ in Kirinyaga

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru already has one foot in the Kirinyaga governor’s office after taking a lead of 39,000 votes over her biggest rival Martha Karua.

According to results posted on the electoral commission’s website on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Waiguru (Jubilee) had 157, 608 votes,  while Ms Karua had 118, 420 votes.

Wauguru used ‘Minji Minji’ as an official campaign moniker to solicit for votes.

Ms Waiguru was given the nickname by her supporters, while on the campaign trail, soon after being declared the party’s nominee for the seat.

And she gladly accepted it, walking around in rallies carrying minji — the Kikuyu word for fresh green peas — packed in polythene bags.

Peas are a delicacy in the country and especially in central Kenya where it is used to cook a variety of meals such as green mukimo, githeri and different stews. It’s also expensive.


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