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Eight most annoying habits of Kenyan iPhone users

Can you remember how life was peaceful before the iPhone invasion? If you are finding it hard to recall it’s not your fault, iPhone users have taken up the responsibility of erasing any memory of other phones that exist under the sun, from our minds.

It’s called the apple obsession. Here are a few annoying habits of iPhone users:

1. Always keeping the phone in a visible place

While ‘other’ phone users will keep their phones in their pockets, iPhone owners always keep their phones in hand; and it extends to the level of it being displayed on the table next to car keys or next to the cutlery when you meet an iPhone user at a restaurant.

2. Asking for a charger and earphones, from android users

Picture this, a colleague or friend of yours who probably knows that your phone is not an iPhone ends up asking for a charger since his battery is low, only to rub it on your face that his phone is not compatible with an android charger.

3. iCloud this, iCloud that…

This is an application used by apple users to store data, just like for most android users cannot survive without a memory card.

4. Clinging on to an outdated iPhone

It does not matter if you have the latest Samsung 8 phone, an apple user who is still using an iPhone 2 or 3 will feel superior to you even though they are too broke to upgrade.

5. Showing off with filters

iPhone users are the kings of showoff, one would think that the phone comes with a manual guide on how to floss the gadget.

6. Sent from iPhone

Most people use their phones to send emails and other office works, but an apple user will make sure that that the disclaimer ‘sent from an iphone’ is also sent with the email. Is it really that hard to delete it like all other phone users do with such disclaimers?

7. Self-proclaimed iPhone ‘ambassadors’

Although the phone is the only product they have from apple, they endorse the brand like they are being paid for it.

8. Bathroom selfies

Most ladies are guilty of this. Want to know why a bathroom selfie was invented? So that everyone gets to see the apple logo of the iPhone that is reflected on the mirror.