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Another ex-Tahidi High star shares battle with depression, appeals for help

Former Tahidi High actor Bernard Mwangi, popularly known as Mr Mweposi has opened up about his long battle with depression and alcoholism.

In an interview with Donald Mwepesy, Mwangi shared how his life took a wrong turn a few years ago when his marriage ended and he turned to alcohol for solace.

“In 2011, things changed, and I started being alcoholic. When my marriage ended, I started drinking even more. I became depressed. Before that I was not even drinking alcohol, I did not take alcohol in my youth. I got saved when I was a young boy and I have grown in the church to an extent I was even preaching,” he narrated.

The father of three says things started changing when he joined the popular Tahidi High show that aired on citizen tv because of societal expectations.

“Family, friends and the community expected much from me. They thought because I was on television, I was making a lot of money. And when you do not do what they expect from you, they say you are selfish and self-centred. But in the real sense there is no money,” Mwangi said.

The actor also opened up about a video that captured him in a drunken stupor that went viral some years back, saying it marked his turning point as he reconsidered his life for the sake of his children.

“When I saw the video, I started thinking about my position in the society and what my children would think of me. That was my turning point. I started taking a deeper look into myself, like who am I and from there I said I would make a turn,” he added.

He further asked people undergoing different battles to first accept the situation they are in.

He appealed to well-wishes to help him venture into onion and pepper farming so that he can provide for himself and his family.

“I have a farm and I would need help to get seedlings for onion, garlic and pepper. I want something long term,” he added.

His attributes his massive weight loss to his battle with high blood pressure and diabetes.

This comes a month after Kenyans of goodwill came to the rescue of former Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh after a heart-breaking story of how he had hit rock bottom went viral.

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